It’s official…Jacinda Arden is Nautilus’ pick for leader of the year. 

This amazing human being is a mum of a young bub, prime minister of New Zealand, she led a nation through a tragic terrorist attack,  she protected her masses through the Covid-19 pandemic, she soothed families and a nation mourning after a volcano disaster took many souls and now…she has conducted a press conference in an earthquake. 

The world needs more cool, caring leaders  – like Jacinda! 

We at Nautilus – just want to give a shout out to Jacinda and say – thanks…thanks for finding positivity in bleakness, thanks for showing empathy in times of turmoil, thanks for showing perseverance against criticism and thanks for demonstrating humour under pressure.  We aspire to be a bit more like Jacinda!

Thank you to Australian Associated Press for their article: