With over 30 years’ experience, Vicki Baker complements the Nautilus Team with extraordinary wisdom in respect to all things estate planning and wealth structuring.

She has her eye on the numbers, and is amazing at organising estate planning and wealth structuring issues with clients.  Vicki assists in the recordkeeping and bookkeeping responsibilities in respect to all fiduciary funds management undertaken by Nautilus’ legal team.

We are blessed by Vicki’s sense of humour,  attention to detail and calm demeanour in sometimes incredibly stressful and complex family estate administration matters.

If you have a question about a process or are interested in employment, Vicki is the person to speak to and welcomes chats during her day.  Please feel free to give her a ring on (07) 5574 3560, or drop her an email at vicki@nautiluslaw.com.au.