Nautilus Law Group is a proud sponsor of Autism Gold Coast.

Our Practice Director, Katrina, works with families and service providers to provide mentoring in adaptive behaviours and parenting styles, implementation of dietary changes, and education and employment advocacy. Katrina also advises government and business sectors on various issues specific to protections, programs and provisions for people with autism spectrum disorder. She has also presented on legal issues specific to estate planning, Centrelink planning, and social integration of people on the autism spectrum disorder.
As a mother of two children who are on the spectrum, Katrina has experienced the heartbreak of schooling rejection, criticisms from medical providers who were not open to alternative therapies, frustration from judgment and refusal to integrate by those who do not understand the different-abilities offered by those with autism spectrum disorder and the physical and emotional exhaustion associated with protecting children with special needs from themselves and others.
Katrina advocates for the “even playing field” of all people, especially those with the different-abilities of autism spectrum disorder. She is a recognised leader in estate and personal planning for families with loved ones effected by autism spectrum disorder, for which she advocates integration of wealth planning, insurance coverage, family and friend support circles and development of the coping skills of each member of the family to change (including disability, changes in employment/stages of life of key persons and the death of key persons).
Katrina’s recommended sites for those who are effected by autism spectrum disorder, or a friend, family or service provider of such persons:
AGC is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. This organisation offers a wide range of support services to families and service providers to those who are effected by autism spectrum disorder.
Mindd is an exceptional resource for dietary interventions in Australia for not only those effected by autism spectrum disorder, but any person who experiences difficulties with attention, allergies, Alzheimer’s, mental illness and arthritis, to name a few. Katrina swears personally to the integrity and merit of the lessons and resources available through the Mindd Foundation.
Parent to Parent is a QQueenslandbased advocacy group which provides a network of support services for families with special needs support. Katrina consults with the Parent to Parent team on various matters, and highly recommends the group to those who are new to education, workplace and personal advocacy.
Submitted by Katrina Brown BA JD ATIA TEP SSA, Senior Commercial and Property Lawyer, Nautilus Law Group