Sue someone for a debtYou have a debt you want recovered – we can help with that!  We do not want to waste your time or money – so in order to fast track the process to allow us to sue someone for a debt (remember we have a 24 hour turn around time on new referrals, and 8 hours if all materials are turned over at the time of referral), we need each of the following provided with your referral (scanned copies are more than sufficient):

1. Completed Credit Application, including any Terms and Conditions and/or Guarantee(s);

2. Invoices;

3. Current Statement of Account; and

4.  Any relevant correspondence between the you and your debtor.

Importantly, if there is a history of a dispute over the debt – for example, the debtor says that you did do “something” and so the debtor disputes your debt, then let us know this as well.  The last thing we want to do is push your demands against a debtor, when the fall out could be the debtor has a claim against you.  With the Australian Consumer Protection Laws as they are – it always helps to ensure we have you covered off in terms of reviewing such disputes before pushing debt recovery.  There may steps necessary to take before debt recover to ensure compliance with the Australian Consumer Protection Laws – after which you can move aggressively into the recovery process.  This is a rarity in our practice – but even one instance is too much if you are the one being investigated by the Fair Trade Office.

As our Strategic Plan provides, once we have your completed materials, you can elect a 24 hour demand, 48 hour demand, 7 day demand, 14 day demand or alternative demand process, before proceeding to legal (if required).  We find proactively addressing debtor claims, ensures payment before legal proceedings are required.  For those more difficult cases, we are positioned and offer court scale fee based legal proceedings with efficiency and transparency.

 If you have any questions about our recovery process, we welcome you to contact our offices on (07) 5574 3560 or email We thank you for considering Nautilus Law Group..

Submitted by: Nautilus Law Group