Nautilus Law Group recommends issuing a Solicitor’s Demand Letter as the initial step in the debt recovery process.
A Demand Letter, referred to in the industry as the “Final Notice” is not a Court document; however, the Letter gives the Debtor one last chance to satisfy the outstanding debt before legal action commences.
Our Demand Letters require payment of the debt, including debt recovery and legal costs (depending on terms of credit offered to the debtor) within a specified period of time.  You, our client, can set that time period and even elect to have a tailored suite of “Demand Letters” relative to different products, services and/or terms of credit extended to your clients.
Whilst we will accept a referral of file based on no more than a debtor’s name, address and debt amount – we strongly encourage you provide as well:
1.  Your credit terms/contract/invoices and any relevant material to the dispute;
2.  Full legal name of the debtor(s) (including any trading names and/or ABNs and/or ACNS) with physical and mailing addresses; and
3.  Contact telephone numbers for the debtor(s).
With these details, we can provide the best possible chance of a powerful “First Strike”, with a ready payment of the debt obligation.
It is quite common for debtors to move or evade collection attempts.  If you provide the above information, we have the ability to service a lateral attack on your debtor matter with our Solicitor Demand Letters.
When the Demand Letter has expired and no contact or payments have been received by the Debtor, we will contact you to seek instructions to proceed with Magistrates Court legal action against the Debtor.  Our Court fees are based on Queensland “scale fees” set by the Courts, and we can provide a cost estimate and realistic recovery plan from the outset of each referral.
If the Debtor, however, makes contact and offers payment in full, or payment by terms – we will consult with you and determine how best to approach the next steps – which may include agreement to allow a payment plan with interest and costs being paid or legal action.
If you have an Accounts Receivable concern, please contact our Team to discuss your matters.  We are happy to assist you with your matters from start to finish.  If appropriate, we can even provide a referral to a Debt Collection Agency (as a pre-legal step).
We welcome you to contact our offices on (07) 5574 3560. We thank you for considering Nautilus Law Group.