Defendent to personally serveAs all lawyers and a significant number of clients learn quickly in litigation, finding a Defendant to personally serve can be painfully slow and frustrating.  Unfortunately, the Civil Procedure Rules categorically require personal service for originating matters (and a handful of other proceedings).

If the client is unable to provide any further details of the  Defendant to personally serve, we recommend a process referred to as a “skip trace.”  In simple terms, skip tracing involves hiring an investigator to conduct a search of a wide range of public and private resources, and often involves on site investigation, to find a Defendant’s location.  Skip tracing can be a complex and lengthy process, and usually attracts a fee of anywhere between $110 and $1,100 (which varies depending on the scope of the investigation, if on sight investigation is required, this fee can be significantly greater).

A general skip trace includes some of the following searches, but can depend on what information is already held about the Defendant:

  • Electoral roll search;
  • Electronic White Pages;
  • Federated Content Search;
  • Australia Securities and Investment Commission;
  • Real property;
  • Google;
  • Social websites;
  • Australian Business Number; and
  • Reverse phone searches.

Our Team conduct a range of these searches internally, prior to commencement of proceedings (based on the client engagement).  However, when these initial searches prove unsuccessful and/or the process servers advise us they are unable to locate the Defendant at the last known address – we will offer a solution being a “skip trace” investigation.

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