Problem Solver

Rebekah has years of experience in various areas of law and has worked in legal firms on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and in Sydney.  As a graduate with a Bachelor of Laws and Business, Rebekah has found her calling in commercial law with the Nautilus team.  Rebekah’s practical experience, as well as her studies in business, provide her with a sound background in business structures, small business, franchising, leasing, sales and talent management.

Rebekah’s our problem-solver.  She’s a sleuth when it comes to research and factual analysis.  With her part-time passion for reading legislation and business development texts, she can find answers for the most unique of situations.

If you have a commercial law matter and would like to speak to Rebekah, please feel free to contact Rebekah by email on or by telephoning Rebekah on 07 5574 3560.