Estate Planning and Tax Disciple

Magdalena Dzienis came to Australia from Poland in 2005.  She had completed her Law degree, with a Master’s in Comparative European Union Law at the University of Lodz, Poland but practiced in Australia as a registered migration agent; including work for the Refugee and Immigration Legal Service and representation of clients in Migration / Refugee Review Tribunals.

To broaden her scope of practice, Magdalena has recently graduated from the Bond University completing the Juris Doctor course. Her passion and focus is on Succession and Taxation law. As the top Postgraduate Student for Taxation of International Business, she won the Tax Institute Prize.

Magdalena enjoys her role at Nautilus Law Group, and, with her two legal knowledge and experience in migration law, she contributes to our team with her diligence, legal research and an eye for detail.

Please do not hesitate to contact Magda by sending her an email to